Best Braces Colors For Guys – Photo Guide To The Best Colors For Your Skin Tone + Style

The most attractive braces colors for guys are the ones that best suit you. We’ve seen a lot of cute and popular braces colors that actually don’t work as well for some people. So here’s a visual guide!

What Are The Best Braces Colors For Guys?

Getting the right braces color is important for a lot of people. We often need to wear braces for years at a time, and it can be 2 to 3 months wearing just one color before a wire change. Choosing the best braces color for guys is actually more personal than you’d think.

When we talk about braces color, we actually mean the rubber bands – known as elastics – that hold the wires into the brackets. If you have a different style of braces like ceramic, lingual, or self-ligating (Damon) then you won’t need to use these little rubber bands around the bracket.

Match Braces Colors To Your Eyes & Clothes

This is something that can really make a whole outfit look good. Whether you have brown, green, blue, or whatever color eyes, try matching your braces color to them! If you often wear certain colored shirts or have a favorite jacket, use these as your inspiration.

Dark-colored clothes go with darker color braces, and the same goes for lighter colors. If you have piercings and the shiny metal is on show, consider silver braces. If you’re the darker, brooding type – black is always a winner. Darker blue works better if you’re looking for a more mature look.

Most Popular Braces Colors For Guys

Guys tend to go for similar colors in their braces, normally choosing something that looks a little more grownup than a bright color. However, we really want you to enjoy wearing braces. Choose something that matches your personality first!

However, these are the most popular brace elastic colors for guys – based on feedback from orthodontists and social media: –

  • Dark Blue
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red

The words people associate these colors with are words like stylish, authority, deep, professional, smart, trust, passion, and power. Whether those are the things you’re going for is up to you!

Best Braces Colors For Light Skin

If you have light skin, there are a few braces colors that suit you a little better. The lighter colors can work well, but the blue shades are where things really pop.

  • Light Blue
  • Dark or Navy Blue
  • Red / Burgundy
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Aqua / Teal
  • Salmon / Light Pink


Black can be hit or miss, really depending on your style. If you tend to wear darker colors it’s great. We also think it’s a great choice on its own but others dislike it. Maybe try it for one wire change and see if it suits you?

Red / Burgundy

Red is a classic choice and works pretty well in a variety of colors for guys. Lighter is more fun and might be lost more as your tongue and mouth match. Darker reds more into the burgundy range look a bit more mature and pair well with red hoodies.

Best Braces Colors For Guys Best Braces Colors For Light Skin Red and Black
Red and Black are great choices for guys’ braces

Light Blue

These can work really well in giving you a fun, approachable look. They don’t stand out much and are easy to miss, but up close they pop.

Dark or Navy Blue

For a more refined look, dark blue (or navy blue) is a regal color that is one of the most popular for guys. They work especially well when your eyes or clothes match.

Aqua / Teal

The lighter shades of blue suit younger guys better in our opinion. Don’t let that stop you though! Teal is a really fun color and is great with green and blue eyes.


Silvery and gray colors can depend on what’s available at your orthodontist but can blend in really well with the braces. The shades can match your teeth giving a more uniform overall look, or give a cool metallic gleam that looks cleaner than having colors added. One of our personal favorites – especially if you have piercings.

Salmon / Light Pink

While men’s fashion tends to call anything pink “salmon” instead because of years of intense gender stereotyping, we love this color for guys. It projects confidence and blends excellently on light skin. For color matching when you have a wide variety of colors in your wardrobe, pink will always work.

Best Braces Colors For Guys Best Braces Colors For Light Skin Silver and Salmon
Yes those are models with braces

Best Braces Colors For Dark Skin

The best braces colors for dark skin can be difficult to choose. Some colors may not show up as well on darker skin tones, while others may be too overwhelming. That being there are actually some great choices that will look great on dark skin tones: –

  • Gold / Bronze
  • Orange
  • Purple / Lavender
  • Pink
  • Teal

These warm and vibrant colors all work really well when contrasted against darker skin. Pink and Teal contrast very well for a more lighthearted, fun look!


Best Braces Colors For Guys Best Braces Colors For Dark Skin Teal

Teal braces elastics, or a light blue-green color, work amazingly well on dark skin. It’s a classic and super popular choice for a reason. It’s fun and contrasts brilliantly against brown skin. If you have super cool blue hair or add some teal accessories – even better!

Gold / Bronze / Orange

These earthy shades complement dark skin really well, working together in a flow between the brown shades of the skin and the white of the teeth. You can even mix up the colors with alternating patterns of very similar shades.

Best Braces Colors For Guys Best Braces Colors For Dark Skin PPurple Pink

Purple / Lavender

Purple comes in a few shades, but all of them – especially lavender – pop really well against darker skin. In the same way purple is a great hair color and shirt color for black guys, the braces color just kills it too. Give it a go.


Pink might not be your first choice because of gender stereotypes, but it works great against darker skin. In the world of fashion, Drake rocks pink all the time and it just contrasts well. Try just pink or alternate pink and light blue rows for a really eye-catching look.

Considering getting braces? Take a look at our Braces Questions and Braces Food sections. If you’re worried about looking weird, see how many famous people have had them in Celebrity Braces!

Braces Colors That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

In general, choose darker braces colors to make your teeth appear whiter than they are.

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Green
  • Silver

Braces Colors To Avoid

Certain elastic braces colors can make your teeth look yellow. This is because of the contrast of the colors against your white teeth. These colors can definitely be made to work but they’re best when you mix two colors or go for a full rainbow!

  • White
  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Light Green


If you’re offered clear elastics for your braces, you should opt out. These stain very easily from eating lots of different foods. Stick to a full color a look that will last longer.


White might be everyone’s first choice to try and hide braces, or at least make it look like you have a nice set of white teeth. However, white braces elastics are so white that they’ll often make your teeth look yellower in comparison!

Our teeth aren’t completely white naturally, especially as we get older. White braces elastics also tend to stain easier. Any tomato sauce, curry (with turmeric), or other dyes in food can instantly turn the braces elastics a darker, less appealing color!

Best Braces Colors For Guys - Braces Colors To Avoid
Clear braces become yellow very fast and light yellow braces give a stained appearance from afar – avoid!

Yellow & Brown

From a glance, yellow braces can actually look like stained teeth – try to avoid. Brown braces elastics can do much the same, try to stay away. We do see a few people using these colors in fall. A red/orange/yellow pattern can actually work really well!

Dark Green

Ever seen spinach stuck in someone’s teeth? This is what the dark green braces color can end up looking like. It can look great but we prefer a lighter green or teal if you like this palette.

Light Green

These are on the line and depend on the shade of green you go for. Certain very light greens can look almost yellow, and give the same effect from afar of just looking like you have yellow teeth. In color combos, light green works great against darker colors.

How To Look Good With Braces For Guys

Wearing braces often makes people think they look worse. In your younger years in school, things can be especially hard even before getting braces. Though it seems like many people are very confident, most of us struggle with how we look and how we think people see us.

As a result people – including a freshly teenage me – opt not to get braces because they don’t want any more scrutiny than they already get. When people do get braces, they’re often so concerned with how braces look to others that they’ll try to hide them.

This leads to not smiling, not showing happiness when we feel it, and as a result just feeling less confident. The truth is that confidence looks good. Own it. You’re wearing braces, so what? You’ve made a decision for yourself and you’re going to stick by it and not care what other people think.

While I’ve been wearing braces I’ve found that after the initial period of getting used to them, they’ve actually helped my confidence. Instead of hiding them away, I’ve had to learn to be confident with how I look, even if I don’t think I look good.

It’s not about looking good, because in reality, we can’t do much (though braces can help!) to change that. We look like what we look like. We can change how we feel. People are attracted to people who are confident in themselves. Be confident in being who you really are and you’ll appear more attractive to people.

Do Braces Look Good On Guys?

Yes! There are plenty of people who love the braces look. Rock the braces with utter confidence and try some fun colors. Show who you really are and don’t be afraid to let people know that soon, you’ll have a near-perfect smile!

Braces are actually so popular that in many countries just the look of braces without any straightening is worth paying for. Fake braces as a fashion accessory are a real thing. We absolutely don’t recommend them as they are really dangerous, but it goes to show that braces can be a plus.

Braces Colors For Adults

For adults, guys’ braces colors are very much the same. You can absolutely choose to go for a more subdued set of colors to look more professional, but you don’t have to! Try a lighter, brighter colorful set on once and see how you feel.

  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Dark Blue

There are also more options for braces these days if you are paying out of pocket as an adult. Traditional braces have colors but you can get self-ligating braces that don’t use elastics. These are all metal and can work a little faster. There are also options like Damon self-ligating braces that allow for clear braces with elastics.

Best Braces Colors For Guys - Best Braces Colors For Adults

Silver & Gray

These are great as they tend to blend in with the braces and your teeth, meaning the braces themselves don’t pop too much. Use if you’re trying to avoid people noticing your new braces!

Black & Dark Blue

These are solid, authority/business colors that look good. If you wear a suit often, match the color to your preferred suit!

Best Power Chain Color For Guys

At some point, you’ll probably get a power chain or two. These aren’t as insane as they sound. Power chains are a link of loops made from the same rubber material as the colored elastics. Their job is to pull your teeth together, most commonly used to close gaps.

They add a bit more material than normal elastics, so you can expect to see more of the color inside your mouth than usual. Choose the best power chain color for you based on all of the same advice we’ve given for elastics.