Does Lil Tecca Still Have Braces? How Lil Tecca’s LONG Braces Journey Ended

Lil Tecca, the teenage rapper who shook the music world with his hit single “Ransom,” was only 16 when he first caught the public’s attention. An out-of-the-blue tweet brought him from the East Coast to Los Angeles, where he recorded his breakthrough hit. What stood out about Lil Tecca, aside from his infectious beats and lyrics, was his look: braids, glasses, and notably, braces​​.

Lil Tecca’s Braces

While many rappers flaunt diamond-encrusted grills, Lil Tecca chose to rock braces, a testament to his youth and distinct persona. At the tender age of 17, he was one of the only high schoolers in the nation with a song streamed more than half a billion times.

Yet, despite his skyrocketing fame, he remained a kid living in his parents’ Long Island home, absorbing the rap-star lifestyle without fully immersing himself in it​.

Tecca’s braces became a signature of his youthful image, and fans grew accustomed to seeing them in music videos and performances. However, on May 21, 2021, the rapper took to Instagram to reveal a new look, showing off a cheeky smile that was notably free of braces.

Lil Tecca in braces is super funny

Does Lil Tecca have braces still? Recent news says…

Lil Tecca Gets His Braces Off!

The photo, posted after a recent visit to the dentist, shocked fans who were used to seeing the metal in his mouth. The removal of Lil Tecca’s braces was met with comments from fellow artists and fans alike.

Lil Tecca Gets His Braces Off
Lil Tecca gets his braces off

Watch his braces removal here.

Director Cole Bennett label Tecca’s new look as the end of an era. The sentiment was echoed by Taz Taylor of Internet Money and $NOT, who acknowledged the lack of braces and rechristened the “Ransom” rapper as Big Tecca​.

Lil Tecca’s braces were on full display in Ransom – his breakout hit

In the rap world, where image can be as important as musical talent, Lil Tecca’s braces served as a symbol of his unique approach to stardom. They were a reminder of his youth, authenticity, and the unconventional path he was carving in the music industry. And while the braces may be gone, Lil Tecca’s impact remains, his musical journey now entering a new chapter.

He’s not the only rapper that’s had braces or dental work. Cardi B’s teeth before work were totally different, and Coi Leray’s braces made her teeth perfect! Doja Cat’s veneers made her teeth look great.

Lil Tecca Braces Colors

In the Ransom video, Lil Tecca had red braces bands, but he’s had a few different colors over the years. Once he had red on top and black on the bottom. For a while, he had both rows black.

Once he had teal blue, and at least once he had clear/white – though we don’t recommend going for those as they look great until they stain.