Can You Eat Ritz Crackers With Braces?

Ritz crackers are one of the most iconic snacks the USA has ever produced. In fact, they’re stocked in shops around the world for homesick Americans needing a taste of freedom. But can the comfort crackers be eaten safely with braces?

Can You Eat Ritz Crackers With Braces?

Yes, you can eat Ritz crackers with braces. They’re crispy and crunchy but not too hard that they will break brackets off easily. However, we think they are just on the line of OK as long as you follow our tips below. Make sure you read until the end of the article to be safe.

If you’ve just had a wire change, avoid Ritz or anything that isn’t liquid or really soft. After a wire change, eating anything that requires biting is just way too painful. Don’t try.

Ideally, you should eat something softer, or smaller like Goldfish crackers. If you’re going to eat them anyway (we have…) then try: –

How To Eat Ritz Crackers With Braces – Tip #1

Don’t eat more than one or two crackers at a time. A big mouthful can end up being dangerous! Take it slow.

Biting into hard things (or a big mouthful) can push a bracket off of your tooth. What we called “breaking a bracket” will end up making your treatment take longer and need an urgent dentist’s appointment.

How To Eat Ritz Crackers With Braces – Tip #2

Sugar, salt, and crushed-up biscuit can easily jam into your braces. All of this jammed up against your teeth can be really bad. Eating too much sugar in general isn’t good, but sugar attracts bacteria that break down tooth enamel fast.

After eating, rinse your mouth out with water shortly. A cheap water flosser is an incredible tool for getting debris out of braces. After that, brush with a good electric toothbrush. If you can – use interdental brushes too.

This advice goes for eating all types of food while wearing braces but especially for food that breaks up easily and contains a lot of sugar or salt. Don’t ignore this advice!

Ritz are a great snack to eat with braces, and an excellent alternative when you want to eat something like popcorn with braces.

Can You Eat Ritz With Invisalign?

Yes, Ritz crackers are safe to eat with Invisalign. Just make sure to rinse, use a water flosser, then brush with a good toothbrush after. Ritz crackers are safe to eat with all kinds of braces and aligners – luckily!

Can You Eat Ritz With Dips In Braces?

Yes, certain dips are fine with braces. Hummus, tzatziki, taramasalata, e.t.c are all fine to dip into with ritz. However, you really should avoid peanut butter with braces. It’s really bad for braces as it sticks and can end up breaking a bracket.

Can You Eat Ritz Breaks, Handi-Snacks, Bakery, Bits…

Most of the different Ritz variations are fine to eat with braces. Ritz Bits are a little smaller and safer. Ritz Bits Peanut Butter are a no-go because peanut butter and braces do not mix.

Ritz Crisp & Thins are more like traditional crackers and can be a little more dangerous for braces as they’re bigger. Ritz Toasted Chips are similar, but just about ok to eat with braces. Ritz Cheese Crispers are nice and thin so shouldn’t cause you any problems.

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