Doja Cat’s Teeth Before and After Veneers + SERIOUSLY Bad Dental Hygiene

The world of celebrities is not all glitz, glamour, and red carpets. Problems with dental health affect everyone. One such journey is that of Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, more commonly known as Doja Cat.

What Happened To Doja Cat’s Teeth?

Renowned for her unique music style and dynamic performances, Doja Cat has made quite a name for herself in the music industry. But behind her enchanting smile, lies a tale of dental distress.

Doja Cat’s dental journey began with her battling poor oral hygiene. A few years ago she fell victim to the dreaded gingivitis, a gum disease caused by the buildup of plaque. This is basically caused by bad oral hygiene – though some medical conditions mean it’s hard to avoid even when doing everything right.

Doja Cat Teeth Before Veneers
Doja Cat’s teeth before veneers. She’s probably had a little whitening (plus filters on videos) but they’re a nice set of teeth without much misalignment

Doja Cat Gingivitis, Teeth Rot + Poor Dental Hygiene

In November of 2021, she went to a dentist who advised she got veneers to cover her natural teeth. This is pretty common for celebrities. Although she had decent-looking teeth before, with enough money and fame people just decide to go for perfect instead of good.

The pictures of her teeth before treatment, shared on Dr. Sam Saleh’s Instagram, were a testament to the grim state of her oral health. The pictures were meant to show what veneers could do to change a person’s smile, but accidentally highlight just how bad her dental hygiene was before.

Doja Cat Teeth Before Veneers

From the pictures, it’s pretty clear to see Doja Cat’s teeth before veneers weren’t very misaligned or yellow. But she clearly wasn’t brushing or getting her teeth cleaned by a hygienist.

If she’d have just had a good blast from the hygienist and then kept up her brushing, her teeth would have looked absolutely fine. We’re just quite used to seeing perfectly aligned and whitened teeth from celebrities.

Doja Cat Teeth Before Veneers Gingivitis and poor hygeine
Doja Cat’s teeth before veneers. Clear plaque buildup on the lower teeth.

Doja Cat Veneers – Starting The Journey

However, the “Say So” singer isn’t one to back down from a challenge. She took on her dental issues head-on, opting for a procedure that would not only restore her oral health but also enhance her smile.

This involved the application of veneers – custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of teeth. These veneers were made of individual custom-made porcelain veneers that cover the front teeth.

After that dentist visit, she actually only had temporary veneers fitted with temporary cement. Meaning the custom-made finals still needed to be made after trying out the size and placement. This is common with very high-end veneers for absolutely perfect results.

Doja Cat’s veneers – straight after having them fitted!

In the video, she can hardly speak because she had valium for the treatment as she had to have injections to numb the area. That led to her having panic attacks and needing something to calm her. This is common but you can talk to your dentist about this before any treatment in your area.

Should Doja Cat Have Had Invisalign Or Braces?

Doja Cat’s teeth before actually would have been a perfect case for Invisalign. Her natural teeth were a perfect size, not yellowed, and not chipped. They were actually only slightly misaligned in some areas.

The lower row would only have needed slight changes, while the top was a little crowded. However, it would have only taken maybe a year with a good dentist with either braces or Invisalign.

But when you have a tonne of money and the world watching you, sometimes the pressure to look perfect can be pretty high. Celebrities like Lil Tecca had braces, and even Cardi B got veneers and dental treatment.

Doja Cat’s Tooth Falls Out Eating A Cookie!

While enjoying a cookie one day, Doja Cat experienced a dental mishap that most would find hard to believe. In the midst of biting into her cookie, one or two of the veneers came unstuck and fell out.

In an interview following the incident, she revealed that she was still experiencing a significant amount of pain and had sores throughout her mouth. However, she did not let this dampen her spirits.

She went back to the dentist and had to get the final custom veneers fitted. The insta video shows those veneers and they’re basically perfect.

Ultra-Thin Veneers

Dr. Sam Saleh is an incredible orthodontist who specializes in fitting veneers without having to remove any of the enamel. Normally having veneers fitted means removing some enamel and reducing the size of the original tooth so the new veneers look natural and the right size.

Dr. Saleh uses the most modern treatment and technology to create incredibly thin (but still durable) veneers. That means patients can avoid having much or any of the original tooth enamel removed. That’s really good for long-term tooth health.

It also means very natural-looking and smaller teeth compared to chunkier “turkey teeth” style crowns or veneers.

Doja Cat’s Teeth Now

Doja Cat Teeth After Veneers
Doja Cat’s Teeth After Veneers

Since then, Doja Cat’s teeth with veneers look almost perfect. However, she has sometimes been seen without them. It’s likely that she’s had them redone and was fine without them for a while.

Doja Cat Teeth Now 2
Doja Cat Teeth Now – It looks like she has the veneers off in this shot

This account of Doja Cat’s dental journey serves as a compelling reminder that celebrities, despite their fame and fortune, are not exempt from common health challenges. It also emphasizes the importance of dental health, which is often overlooked in daily routines.

Through her experience, Doja Cat has shown that resilience and positivity can help overcome even the most unexpected setbacks. She has also underscored the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene routine to prevent dental problems, reminding us all that health is indeed wealth.