Can You Get Discounts On Braces & Invisalign Deals For Black Friday?

Black Friday this year is on the 24th of November and will see all types of businesses offering big discounts. Traditionally, braces and Invisalign treatments are quite expensive. But more and more, we’re finding there are Black Friday deals available. Find out how you can grab a discount!

Before you jump into the first dentist you find with a good discount, read on for our tips on getting the right treatment for you. The first braces and Invisalign provider you see won’t always be the best option, and there are many different treatments available.

Make sure you get the right treatment for you by reading up first.

How To Get Black Friday Deals On Braces

The best way of finding out if a local dentist has a Black Friday deal is to start searching now. Go to and search “Black Friday dental braces near me” and you should get offers popping up before Black Friday starts.

Normally these offers start near the start of November. It’s common to get at least $100-200 off of your treatment, sometimes with extras like tooth whitening or retainers added in for free. We have seen local braces deals near us for $1,000 or more off of treatment if paid upfront.

You can also call local dentists or orthodontists (braces specialists) to ask. A quick Google search or looking on Google Maps for “dental braces” or “orthodontist” will show local clinics that can help.

Should You Get Braces & Invisalign Treatment Cheaply?

There is no reason why you can’t get braces or Invisalign discounts. BUT it is always worth being skeptical of any deal that looks too good to be true… You really need to check that the provider is experienced, helpful, and responsive.

Before you jump on the first offer you see, use our list and make sure you feel confident and safe with the provider.

  1. First off, you’ll want to call or e-mail to confirm if the consultation is free, or what it costs. Free is good, but paying for a consultation is definitely worth it if you get the time to talk about your options.
  2. Find out when the offer starts and when you need to start treatment by to get the discount.
  3. Get a few consultations booked at different clinics to get different opinions.
  4. At the consultation, ask questions about what the treatment involves. Ask if you’ll need teeth removed (this is common and gaps will close) if you’ll need bite blockers, what the type and brand of braces will be, and how long treatment time could be in the best and worst case
  5. If one dentist says you’ll need teeth removed and one doesn’t – make sure they both explain why. Normally if you need removals it’s because one row of teeth is overcrowded. Without removing them, that row will sometimes be larger than the other, leaving an over or underbite. This can be OK but should be fully explained.
  6. Ask how long they’ve been providing the treatment and who will be providing it. Sometimes you’ll meet the top dentist, and then most of the work will be done by someone else.
  7. Ask what equipment they use for making impressions of your teeth. Some providers have scanners like the iTero that make scans of your teeth instead of using uncomfortable molds
  8. Ask if x-rays and other incidental costs are included. If they aren’t, find what they cost, what to expect, and budget for it.
  9. Ask if you’ll have permanent bonded retainers and/or removable retainers at the end of treatment. These might be included or might not, and you will normally need to pay if they break.

Red flags you need to look out for are: –

  • They don’t give you much time and seem rushed at the consultation.
  • Not much information is given about the treatment and no possible downsides or problems are talked about. You want a real picture of what is going to happen.
  • There aren’t any testimonials on their website or social media OR they are not from that specific provider i.e. lots of Invisalign branded stuff but nothing specifically from them

It’s way better to pay a little for a consultation up front with a few places and back out, instead of deciding on one purely because you’ve already paid for the consult. Get the right treatment and you won’t need to go back to get anything fixed.

The “sunk cost fallacy” happens when you’ve already spent money on something and feel like not paying more is wasteful, even when the thing you are paying for isn’t going to be worth it.

How To Get Black Friday Deals On Invisalign

Invisalign commonly does network-wide promotions on their trays over Black Friday. Invisalign is the main company that makes the product and produces the trays, though the appointments for scanning are done by dentists.

You’ll have a scan and probably an x-ray with a dentist, who will give you an overview of how Invisalign works. They send the scans off and Invisalign sends them back a 3d model of how your teeth might look, as well as how many trays it will take.

Then, if you decide to go forward, you’ll get your first trays from the dentist who will show you how to put them in. Then you’ll have trays delivered directly to you. You can speak with your dentist and make appointments to check the trays are tracking.

You might find that you can get discounts from different sources: via codes from an influencer, local dentist’s promotions, or deals on Invisalign directly from the company itself. Google around, check Facebook for local dentists, or use the hashtag #invisalign to find deals.

Black Friday Braces Invisalign Deals - Invisalign Black Friday offers
It’s possible to get good deals on Black Friday Invisalign treatment

How To Pay Less For Braces

1 – Start Treatment Early

The sooner you get your braces or Invisalign, the less time your teeth have to move. Generally speaking, once your adult teeth are all in (from 9 to 14) you can start treatment. After puberty, the jaw bone is much harder, so aligning teeth takes longer.

This is why people tend to get braces around 12-13 when they’re old enough to look after them themselves, but the movement will be the fastest. If your teeth aren’t straight at this age then they’ll likely continue to become more crooked over the years.

So, the earlier you get the treatment, the less work will need to be done. You don’t need to be young to get braces or Invisalign, I got mine in my mid-30s and know plenty of older people with them. Shorter treatment times generally cost a little less. With Invisalign that means fewer trays and a lower cost.

2 – Check Out Different Providers

We always suggest getting a few consultations with different dentists and orthodontists for Black Friday braces deals. Going with the cheapest option could be a mistake that you pay more for in the long run.

You might get a good Black Friday deal on braces but find you can’t appointments or questions answered. If things go wrong or treatment takes longer, you might regret it.

3 – Pay Upfront

Paying more upfront will often be much cheaper, or you can get extras like tooth whitening for free at the end of your treatment. You can always ask for a better deal – be polite – and the worst they could say is no.

Black Friday braces and Invisalign deals often require full payment but give you a massive cost cut.

4 – Talk To Your Insurer

You might find that your insurer will cover some of the cost, or that certain dentists in their network work out cheaper. You could also find that certain medical conditions that are helped with braces may mean your insurer should cover some or all of the cost.

Why Do Braces & Invisalign Cost So Much?

For how little material is used and how few appointments you get, the whole cost of treatment can seem very high. In my entire treatment, I will have used less than a handful of metal, and maybe 12-14 hours total in meeting the specialist for over $4,000!

However, you are paying for people who have spent years focusing on being the absolute best in just one very small area. Orthodontists need years of training over a normal dentist and have to be able to make decisions based on a lot of experience and continued training.

The materials used are being constantly researched and changed to improve, which takes a lot of time and money for the companies producing them. Braces and Invisalign are incredibly advanced from where they started, and it’s incredible what can be done.

In the end, the money you’ve spent could have a massive, positive effect on your life. For me, the money will all be worth it for the boost in confidence and how it will save my teeth from rubbing and becoming worse over the years.

So. Any discount you get is going to make a big difference if it starts you on your braces journey. If Invisalign Black Friday or other Black Friday Braces deals are the thing to do that, all the better.