Can You Eat Goldfish With Braces? Safe Seafood Shaped Snacks

Goldfish crackers, not actual goldfish of course… For some reason, it’s very important that crackers come in fish-based size and shape. We don’t know why, but it just tastes right.

Can You Eat Goldfish Crackers With Braces?

The good news is that it’s totally fine to eat goldfish crackers in braces. All of the various flavors, from original (salted), cheddar (best and you know it), to wholegrain, colors, flavor-blasted, and the pretzel versions are all basically fine to eat in braces.

We say basically because – as you know – eating most things isn’t totally straightforward while wearing braces.

How To Eat Goldfish Crackers With Braces – Tip #1

Small amounts of crackers are fine but don’t jam fistfuls into your mouth. Too much food in your mouth can mean when you bite down, a bracket can come off. That’s obviously a bad thing and will mean another visit to your dentist and a little more time added to your treatment

It’s fairly easy to figure out how much is too much. If it feels like you’re biting into an apple, that’s dangerous. Three or four goldfish are fine!

How To Eat Goldfish Crackers With Braces – Tip #2

The problem with snacks like Goldfish crackers is the sugar and salt crushed up into pieces. These chunks get stuck in your braces right next to your teeth. Sugary food is generally bad but occasional snacking is fine.

Just make sure to rinse your mouth out with water shortly after eating or use a cheap water flosser. They’re incredible for getting debris out of braces. Then about 30 minutes later, have a full brush, and use interdental brushes if you can.

This is the same advice we use for eating all types of food with braces. It’s really important your brush regularly, especially when food gets stuck because of your braces.

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Can You Eat Cheese Snacks With Braces?

There are plenty of cheesy cracker snacks available that are fines to eat with braces. Things like cheez-its, cheesy pringles, Cheetos, crispy cheddar bites, cheese doodles, and more are mostly fine.

The key to them all is that they’re fairly soft. A bit of a crunchy texture is fine with braces, but anything harder is bad. For example, things like mac and cheese or toast are OK, but harder food like almonds or peanuts are riskier.

Softer cheese snacks, puffed rices, and anything small, baked, and salty are all great alternatives to eating popcorn with braces.

Can You Eat Other Crackers With Braces?

There are plenty of other great softish cheese crackers that are safe to eat with braces. Here is our list in no particular order of what crackers are safe to eat with braces:

  • Cheddar Whales – A creative new cracker that takes no inspiration from any other fish-shaped cheddar snacks in any way. Seriously.
  • Cheese Nips
  • Cheddar Bunnies
  • Better Cheddars
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Cheez-Its – Puff’d, Snap’d, all basically fine
  • Cheese doodles
  • Cheetos
Find out how Goldfish crackers are made

Can You Eat Goldfish Crackers With Invisalign?

Yes, eating goldfish with Invisalign is fine as long as you remove the trays and brush before putting them back in, you’re fine. Use a good electric brush and you’ll be fine. There’s nothing staining or bad about crackers and no real risk of your Invisalign attachments coming off.

Can You Eat Other Goldfish Crackers With Expanders Or Bite Blockers?

It’s generally safe to eat most food with expanders, but still pretty hard. There’s nothing special about crackers and expanders though.

Bite blockers just make everything harder to eat – we know, it sucks. Don’t worry though, your bite will come together much sooner than you think. For now, make it easier on yourself and stick to soups, protein shakes, other foods you can sip or drink, or soft stuff.

We’ll be writing a full guide for you guys soon, it was a really tough part of my braces journey and we want to help!

If you can get a couple of crackers to the back of your mouth you should just be able to chew a bit. They’re pretty small so better than larger foods, but still: be careful not to choke if you try to swallow a large chunk because you can’t chew too much.