Help! My Invisalign Attachments Fell Off! What You Need To Do

The bumps you get glued to your teeth when you get your first set of trays are more important than you’d think. So what happens if your Invisalign attachments fall off?

Invisalign Attachments Fell Off – What To Do?

The first thing to do is not to panic. Invisalign attachments occasionally fall off, and it’s not a massive problem if it happens. Make a note of which attachment came off and try not to swallow it if it’s not too late!

Contact your Invisalign provider and make an appointment to get a new attachment as soon as possible. You should be able to get appointments fairly quickly as the appointment to put on the attachment is pretty quick. Of course, this does depend on your provider.

What Happens If Invisalign Attachments Fall Off?

The attachments are important for keeping the trays in the right position, and help as “anchors” to create more force. They allow different angles of pressure than just normal trays would align. If an attachment falls off or is broken, that force is lessened.

Going without an attachment for a few days or a week really isn’t the end of the world. It could be that this doesn’t affect the speed of your treatment much. However, it normally slows it down by just a few days.

Contact your Invisalign provider to make an appointment, they can then refit the attachment quickly. In some cases, if that tooth has moved into the proper position already, you might not even need a new attachment fitted.

It’s a very short and cost-free appointment to fit the new one and you should be in and out within 10 minutes.

How To Tell If Invisalign Attachment Fell Off?

When your first get your attachments, it’s a good idea to try and remember which teeth have them on or make a note somewhere. You can then check against your records if something is off. In some cases they’ll be on basically every tooth, some people will get away with a couple – or even none at all!

However, if one comes off and you don’t notice, you could be slowing down your treatment without realizing.

Invisalign Attachments Fell Off - Invisalign Attchment Placement
Keep track of your Invisalign attachments to make sure you notice if they fall off!

An easy way to notice is to check the bumps on your aligner against where your current attachments are. If there’s a bump on an aligner and no corresponding attachment – you may have lost one! If you can feel a little hardened glue on the tooth that’s also a sure sign.

You can also check your treatment plan or any photos you took. If all else fails, just check with your provider or look up the plan they may have sent you with the 3D model of your teeth and the treatment over time.

I Swallowed An Invisalign Attachment – Help!

Sometimes one will pop off and you won’t even notice it – meaning you’ve probably swallowed an attachment without even realizing… oops! Don’t worry, the attachments are small enough that they should travel through you without causing any health problems.

It normally isn’t very painful when one comes off and you could go days without noticing. Just keep an eye on your teeth or use an Invisalign tracker app throughout your treatment.

Invisalign attachments explained

What Causes Invisalign Attachments To Fall Off?

There are lots of causes for Invisalign attachments to fall off, break, or become loose.

  • The most common cause is not putting your trays in properly. Putting the tray in from one side at a time makes the angles awkward. Just chucking them in and biting down can also cause too much pressure.
  • Taking your trays out with force is another sure way to cause problems. Use a PUL aligner tool
  • Sometimes the setting of the glue doesn’t go quite right, this means they’re almost bound to come off. This happens if your tooth or the attachment got wet. The mouth isn’t the best place for avoiding damp.
  • It could also be that the alignment of the attachment wasn’t quite perfect and it needs a re-do.
  • Sometimes certain harder foods pushing against the attachments can push them off or chip them.

How To Put Invisalign Trays In Without Breaking Attachments

  1. Start with either tray, making sure the ones marked with a “U” go in your upper mouth and the “L” marked one goes in the bottom
  2. Make sure the aligners are clean, you’ve brushed your teeth, and washed your hands
  3. Gently place the aligners over your front teeth first by lining up the trays with your front teeth
  4. Using fingertips or thumbs, push either side starting at the premolars (the next teeth past the pointy canines)
  5. Using light pressure push the aligners into place and move your fingers or thumbs to different locations along the aligner until the trays fit fairly well
  6. Do the same for the other tray so both are seated
  7. Now use your secret weapon – an Invisalign chewie – to bite down on it at different sections. This will seat the trays perfectly!

Sometimes the setting of the glue doesn’t go quite right. It could also be that the alignment of the attachment wasn’t quite perfect and it needs a re-do. It’s not your fault, it happens to a lot of us!

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Can Invisalign Attachments Break?

Yes, the attachments can chip or break without fully coming off. This can affect the tracking of your trays so call and make an appointment with your Invisalign provider. You might well find an attachment breaks in half, but that remaining half is enough to keep your trays in the right place without much of a problem.

Any changes to your Invisalign might cause a lisp. So, a change in your pronunciation might be a good trick to know if an attachment has come off or broken.

Invisalign Attachments Fell Off At The Weekend!

If you can’t get an appointment straight away because of a weekend or holiday, it’s OK. Sometimes the trays will do a pretty good job without needing the attachment. Depending on what movement needs to happen this could mean no slowdowns in treatment at all.

However, we’d always suggest getting the attachment refitted as soon as possible. When you go back in, you’ll get an entirely new one. Don’t worry about keeping the old one!

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Can You Get Invisalign Attachments On The Back On Teeth?

In some cases, it is possible to get Invisalign attachments placed on the back of your teeth instead of the front. Not many providers do this and the option isn’t usually given. Your treatment course depends on what needs to happen with your teeth.

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