Is Invisalign Cutting Your Tongue? Get Relief FAST With Our 6 Tips

If you’ve noticed your tongue is starting to hurt after a new set of trays, it could be that your Invisalign is cutting your tongue! The edge of the trays is often the culprit, so let’s figure out some solutions.

Whenever you have something in your mouth, your tongue is naturally going to run over it. I’m really bad for this and any new change in my treatment will leave my tongue raw pretty fast. It takes a lot to mentally keep on top of it and force yourself to stop!

How To Stop Invisalign Cutting Tongue?

There are a few options here, but the main thing is to teach yourself to stop rubbing your tongue along the trays. Every time you get a new set, you might get the same issue. So if you learn not to impulsively move your tongue along the trays, it’s always going to help.

Try and catch yourself when it happens, then rest your tongue somehow. Apart from that, here are the best ways of helping sharp edges and dealing with the pain for now. This applies to your gums, the inside of your mouth, and your tongue: –

  • Cut off extra molding edges that stick into your gums, and file down edges. Use our guide below
  • Use dental wax along the bottom edge of the tray – Use this great video as a visual example. Even after filing the edges, any rubbing of your tongue will inflame it again. Use the dental wax for now
  • Avoid painful and spicy foods that will further irritate your tongue and gums
  • Use Orajel, an oral pain relief gel that will ease the irritation for now. Use on the gums and inside of your mouth, not your tongue. This should kill pain almost immediately
  • Drink iced water to cool and soothe the area
  • Rinse your mouth out using special mouthwash to kill germs and avoid inflammation

Is Invisalign Cutting Your Tongue Normal?

Yes. Invisalign cutting your tongue or at least making it sore is very common because most of us do the same thing. It happens when talking because we use our tongue to flex and rub along the teeth to create certain sounds.

A certain amount of rubbing can’t be helped, but some can. It’s the instinctive running of your tongue along the edge of trays which is the real culprit. When Invisalign cuts your lip or the inside of your mouth, there are some other things you can do to help.

Can You File Invisalign To Stop It Cutting Your Tongue?

Yes! Your Invisalign provider might well have told you about this trick or even given you an emery board to do it with. Sometimes the edges of the trays are very sharp or there is a little too much extra plastic molding.

The molding of the trays is normally trimmed well before you get them, but sometimes little extra burrs or pokey bits are present. You can clip these off carefully, and you can file down sharp edges to be more rounded.

How To File Invisalign Trays

If you have just one little section of a rough edge, you can use nail clippers or small scissors to cut that small edge off. If an area feels rough or digs a little too far into your gums, you can also use a two-sided emery board to file trays down. Use our guide or the video below as a visual example: –

  1. Take your aligners out, then wash and dry them. Find the area that’s rubbing or sharp
  2. If you need to remove a little bit of plastic, use nail clippers or scissors – either way, move to step 3
  3. Use your finger to feel the edge and note the area that needs smoothing
  4. Using a two-sided emery board, run the rough side over the sharp bit of the tray one way a few times
  5. Check the area with your finger to see if it’s gone down a little
  6. Continue to file that area if needed
  7. Switch to the finer side to finish the edges smoother
  8. Wash the tray off and refit – Check the results
  9. Repeat if necessary

If you need to trim Invisalign trays down with nail scissors, this video is great.

Why Is Invisalign Cutting My Mouth & Cheeks?

Your Invisalign trays can have sharp edges or even extra molding that needs to be trimmed down. In your first few trays, it’s more common to feel discomfort and pain. Eventually, the areas of your mouth and gums that rub up against the trays will toughen up and you’ll feel it less.

Invisalign rubbing the inside of your mouth can be a real joy-killer if you’ve been looking forward to your treatment. For now, trim the edges that are especially sharp, use dental wax to stop the area from rubbing, and keep on top of your dental hygiene with regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

The Invisalign trays cutting your mouth will get better as your mouth gets used to the trays. Use our tips and you’ll probably find this only happens a handful of times throughout your treatment. Hang in there!

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What Are Invisalign Chewies?

Invisalign Cutting Lip

Sometimes if the trays poke out a little too much or the way you speak involves lots of curling your lip, the tray can catch the edge of your lips. This can lead to rubbing, little grazes, and even small cuts. You can use all the tips above like shaving down edges and filing.

First, make sure your trays are properly seated. Using an Invisalign chewie works best to make sure the trays aren’t poking out and could immediately resolve this issue. If it isn’t, check the trays are tracking properly and switch back to the last tray that was tracking right.

If this isn’t the problem, try some dental wax on that edge within the tray. You can also use lip gloss or balm so your lips are less likely to catch on the tray.