Coi Leray Gets Her Braces Off! Were Coi Leray’s Gold Braces Real?

Never one to leave anything to the imagination, Coi Leray’s braces have always been fully on show in all of her music videos. Getting adult braces is one thing, but Coi took it to the next level with gold braces!

Coi Leray Celebrates Getting Her Braces Off

Coi has just revealed her braces are finally off! She revealed a fresh set of sparkling white teeth on her Instagram just under a month ago and has been flashing them ever since! Braces are usually something people try to hide but Coi’s done wonders for everyone else in a set of braces by rocking them proudly.

Coi Leray Teeth Now – After Braces

Coi Leray Braces Removed - Coi Leray After Braces
Coi Leray after getting her braces removed – Her teeth look perfect!

Why Did Coi Leray Get Braces?

Coi’s top row of teeth was always pulled forward because she had a bad habit of sucking her thumb! As a result, even though she’d had two sets of braces before she opted to get another set using her own money and fix the problem once and for all.

Otherwise, her teeth are in great condition. Now with them off she’s clearly had a quick whitening and she can proudly show off a great smile.

Did Coi Leray Have Gold Braces?

Coi Leray’s braces are actually gold! Well, the braces are actually made of stainless steel but coated in 24-karat Gold for the look. The effect is pretty awesome and it looks like a half-decent grill. She’s had both top and bottom braces the entire time with a power chain on the top row for most.

Coi Leray Braces - Gold Braces
Coi Leray has had gold braces the entire time. In a photoshoot for the cover of Paper magazine she got a green powerchain and (fake) matching headgear

Coi isn’t the only rapper to have dental work. Cardi B’s teeth were famously wonky before she had work done. Plus Lil Tecca just had his braces off.

How Many Times Has Coi Leray Had Braces?

You might not have known, but Coi Leray has had braces three times now! She’s open about why she’s needed braces so many times and what she needed them for in the first place. When she was a young kid she had braces like many to fix some alignment issues.

The first time she had braces she was still sucking her thumb, which causes an overbite. By pulling the front teeth forward the front upper and lower teeth don’t close together and the teeth stick forward. She says on her first set of braces the dentists got tired and figured she wouldn’t stop, even after warning her it was problem, and just took them off.

Later she got a second set of braces but didn’t stop sucking her thumb and found it was just taking too long for her…

Coi Leray With Braces - Gold Braces
Coi never shied away from showing her braces and neither should you

Coi Leray Took Off Her Own Braces!

We really don’t recommend this but on her second set she just pulled them off herself. Coi got tired of dealing with broken brackets and missing appointments (apparently due to her parents) and pulled them off with her hands covered in a vest.

We really shouldn’t have to say but this is dangerous. You can damage teeth or even lose them if you do this! If brackets are breaking off, the braces will take longer to work. It’s important that if a bracket breaks you call your dentist and make an appointment to get them put back on ASAP.

If you just can’t deal, speak with your ortho and get them taken off, or at least have a chat about what you can both do first.

To avoid having a bracket pop off or a wire breaking, read our article on Food To Avoid Eating With Braces. Certain foods are really bad to eat with braces, and you can speed up your treatment by knowing what you can eat safely.

Coi Leray’s Teeth Before Braces

Back when Coi was younger, her teeth looked different. She didn’t have many big alignment issues after the first couple of times in braces, the main issue was always the pushed forward front teeth from sucking her thumb.

Coi Leray’s brother is Chavo, a successful rapper in his own right. Her father is Benzino, famous for co-owning The Source and having mad beef with Eminem. There are also some older videos of Coi Leray around where you can see her teeth when she was younger.