Do You Get Top And Bottom Braces On The Same Day?

If you’re waiting for the big day of your first appointment to get braces OR you’ve just had your braces on – you may have this question. Do you get top and bottom braces on the same day?

Should You Get Top And Bottom Braces At The Same Time?

Generally, your orthodontist will give you your top and bottom braces on the same day at your first appointment. However, this isn’t always the case and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong if you just get the top or bottom set only at first. It depends on the case and what movement your teeth need to make.

Your orthodontist’s main aim is to finish the treatment of the top and bottom sets of teeth and the same time. That could mean getting the top set first and the bottom a few months later – or the opposite way around. This is for a few reasons, the main one being…

Finishing Top And Bottom Braces At The Same Time

Firstly, when your braces treatment is finished you’ll most likely be given a set of retainers. These are molded to your finished teeth and the aim is to keep your teeth set in the perfect position for the rest of your life!

For example – you got both sets (top and bottom braces) on at the first appointment, then your bottom teeth finished first and the ortho removed them first. Your teeth will still move a little after braces. So if it takes another couple of months for the top set to finish, by that time your bottom set may have moved a little.

If you got the retainers done then, you won’t have the perfect teeth you wanted! That’s why even if one row of teeth is perfect, you’ll keep the braces on until both are done. At that point, your ortho will take a casting of your teeth and give you the retainers. You’ll keep these for life – though may need them replaced every 5-10 years.

So in this case your orthodontist will put braces on the teeth that need the most movement first, then add the second row later. This means fewer braces annoyance for you and a perfect set of teeth finishing at the same time!

Your Top Set Of Teeth And Jaw Move Slower

In general, the upper set of teeth are a little bigger and blockier than the lower. They also tend to have larger roots. The upper part of the jaw is also a little harder than the lower. For this reason, you might have your top set of braces put in before your lower set.

Getting Ready For Both Sets

Your dental professional might think that braces could be hard for you to get used to, so might just give the top set (as an example) first. Most people find that the top set are easy to deal with than the lower set. Then once you’re used to the feeling they can add the lower set later.

For my braces, the lower set feels a tad more uncomfortable because I feel them against my inner lip more. It’s nothing bad and I did get both sets at the same time. There are a few foods to avoid with braces that I could have eaten with just the top set.

When you get your braces you’ll likely need to choose the colors you want for your elastics. Read our photo guide to the Best Braces Colors For Guys for your personal pick.

Why Get Both Top And Bottom Braces At The Same Time?

Both you and your ortho will have lots of good reasons for getting both top and bottom braces at the same time.

  • One appointment will take less time for both of you – less travel and less prep
  • If you need elastics straight away, you’ll need both sets for the elastics to attach to
  • The longer you are in braces – even if one set needs less work – the more perfect the final position will be. Your ortho will have more time to fine tune the last few months of movement
  • More time to correct any unexpected movement of the “easier” set

Don’t be worried at all if you don’t get both though. If you have any questions about the treatment, just contact your dental professional to clarify what the plan is.

Will I Get Both Top And Bottom Braces At The Same Time?

Most probably you’ll get both sets – top and bottom teeth – on the same day in your first appointment after your initial consultation. Even if one set needs less work than the other there are plenty of good reasons to get them together.

Do You Have To Get Top And Bottom Braces At The Same Time?

No, it’s not always necessary to get top and bottom braces on the same day because one set might need more work than the other. If you only want one set first speak to your orthodontist. However, they’re professionals and will have years of training and experience. Try to work to their plan and you’ll find the best results in the end.

Do You Have To Get Top And Bottom Braces?

If you only have some problems with one row of teeth you can get just one set of braces done. You could also just want some movement fixed on one set. It’s normally cheaper and might take a little longer than correcting the entire set of teeth.

That being said, It’s normally easier to move most types of misalignment with both sets because elastics are really helpful in moving teeth left or right to have a centered smile, or to close a gap between the upper and lower teeth.

Some people want top braces only, some people want bottom braces only. It’s possible, but generally if you have some misalignment on one set you’ll have it on the other. If you’ve had braces before but maybe your permanent aligner broke or something happened, your dentist might say just getting top or bottom braces is suitable for you.

If you have an over or underbite, you’ll probably need both sets to allow for having elastics that will fix this. Again, speak to your dental professional about your options and consult with a few orthodontists before your treatment for a range of advice.