Can You Eat Eggs With Braces + 4 Recipes With a Twist!

Eggs are super-versatile and high in protein while still being cheap and easy to cook. However you prefer yours, let us explain the best way to eat eggs with your new braces.

Can You Eat Eggs With Braces?

Luckily, eggs are an amazing food to eat with braces. You can cook them in a number of ways that are totally safe to eat with braces as they’re all pretty soft. They’re all pretty good for when you can’t chew much as you’ve just had a wire change or had the braces put in for the first time.

Eggs aren’t hard, chewy, sticky, staining, or sugary. These are all things we’ve got on our list of food you can’t eat with braces so most ways of cooking eggs are perfect for those of us on a braces journey.

Best Way Of Cooking Eggs For Braces

  • Scrambled – Remove from the pan as soon as possible for really soft and easy to eat eggs
  • Boiled – Soft-boiled eggs with breakfast or hard-boiled for later
  • Poached – A really tasty and soft breakfast treat
  • Fried – Sunny side up or overeasy, whatever works for you
  • Omelette – A soft omelette with your choice of fillings is a great way of using up leftovers!
  • Frittata / Spanish Omelette – Basically variations on an omelette, both are good
  • Huevos Rancheros – An incredible Mexican breakfast dish. Fried eggs with refried beans, warm salsa, and avocado, all served on soft, small tortillas… *chef’s kiss*
  • Deviled – The party favorite is definitely on the menu
  • Shaksuka – A timeless dish that originated from North Aftrica and the Middle East. Eggs baked in a pan of thick tomato sauce and chopped bell peppers, with hot chili powder or sauce
  • Pancakes – Eggs, flour, and milk combined make this amazing treat – American or french style, they’re all good
  • Crepes – Even thinner than a pancake, try these as a fancy desert!
  • Egg Whites – High in protein but the yolks are still a great source of vitamins and nutrients you’ll be missing out on
  • French Toast / Eggy Bread – An amazing and cheap breakfast that can be cut into bites and chewed easily

Eggs are also available at most restaurants and diners and can be eaten at all different mealtimes. If you’ve not eaten them much before, now is a great time to learn to cook eggs. We’ve also added our favorite recipes for each style so you’ve always got a simple, safe recipe to go!

The below tips apply to all types of eggs and will help you keep your teeth healthy, and ensure you won’t need any extra orthodontist appointments.

How To Eat Eggs With Braces Tip #1

However you cook them, try to put the food in the back of your mouth and chew with your molars. Avoid eating or biting with your front teeth. This avoids possibly bending wires or knocking off brackets with a big bite. Most eggs and egg recipes are soft enough that this shouldn’t be much of a problem anyway.

How To Eat Eggs With Braces Tip #2

Try to rinse your mouth with water immediately after eating to clear food debris. A water flosser is excellent for this. Then if you can, brush and floss 30 to 60 minutes later. This goes for all food eaten while you have braces. Food gets trapped easily in parts of the braces you can’t see or get to with standard brushing.

If you don’t get that trapped food and don’t brush and floss regularly, you may experience yellowing of your teeth. With braces that can lead to a particular “braces stain” pattern once they’re removed. It’s easy to avoid with regular, proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Can You Eat Boiled Eggs With Braces?

Yes, you can eat hard or soft-boiled eggs with braces. Soft boiled eggs make a great simple breakfast with toast, especially when cut up into toast “soldiers” and dipped in the runny yolk. It makes for a nice and soft bite that you can avoid the front teeth with.

Hard-boiled eggs are also a good braces snack. Hard-boiled eggs really aren’t that hard so it’s easy to bite into them without risking a problem with your expensive braces. You can even tear them apart with your hands and pop a chunk to your back teeth with no problem.

We do notice while eating them that a bite can lead to lots of eggy bits stuck in the braces. This is easily remedied by using a water flosser, rinsing your mouth out with water or mouth wash, and then later brushing with a decent electric toothbrush.

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Can You Eat Scrambled Eggs With Braces?

Yes! Scrambled eggs are such a good braces food that we eat them all the time. The American style of cooking scrambled eggs means lots of stirring for quite a long time until you have chewy chunks. That’s fine for braces, but we prefer a more “French” style where you cook a little less and take the pan off the heat well before they’re done – allowing a runnier and softer egg with a nice, fine texture.

We like a nice soft scrambled egg – check out a few different ways of cooking yours!

Can You Eat Poached Eggs With Braces?

If you learn to cook poached eggs right, they make an excellent food for braces. We’ve found a lot of methods (whirlpool, vinegar, cling film) that can work – but our method is this:

  • You must use fresh eggs. A few days is fine, more than a week leads to the white not staying together
  • Break your egg into a small pot, don’t put it in yet
  • Boil a very low amount of water – about an inch to an inch and a half
  • Let the water boil, then turn down the heat until the water stops simmering but is still very hot
  • Burst the bubbles on the bottom of the pan with a spatula but don’t stir
  • Put the pot with egg into the water and pour the egg in – don’t drop it
  • Keep the heat on but don’t let the water start bubbling or boiling
  • Leave for four minutes if you like the eggs soft and a runing yolk, an extra 30-60 seconds for a firmer egg
  • Enjoy! This video is basically the same method
Can You Eat Eggs With Braces - Poached Eggs On Toast
Poached eggs with spinach and toast makes for an amazing breakfast!

Can You Eat Fried Eggs With Braces?

Fried eggs with braces are safe and easy to eat so go ahead and enjoy! Cooked sunny side up with a soft yolk is easier to eat but the yolk might get stuck a little on your braces. This isn’t a problem, just rinse after eating. Over-easy or over-hard is fine as well. Goes great with bacon and hash browns.

Can You Eat Eggs On Toast With Braces?

Yes, you can have eggs on toast with braces. In fact, we have an entire article on eating toast with braces. Our favorite recipe would be softly scrambled eggs on toast with a little smoked paprika and cracked black pepper. Add smashed avocado or a little french mustard to really push the flavors.

Can You Eat Omelets With Braces?

Yes, you can eat omelets safely while wearing braces. We actually eat omelets regularly as they’re fast, filling, cheap, and really safe to eat with braces. You can normally have omelets/omelettes a day or two after a painful wire change before you can eat harder food. Our favorite recipe is:

  • Fry a little protein (we’re vegetarian so it could be vege bacon bits or a little tofu) with thinly sliced courgette and spring onions
  • While it fries whip up 3 or 4 eggs depending on the day
  • Pour the part-fried stuff in and mix
  • Add a little black pepper
  • Pour into a hot pan, stir a little to start, then push the edges in
  • When nearly done, start the grill and grate some cheese on top
  • Pop under the grill for a few minutes to melt the cheese and finish the top of the omelet

Can You Eat Egg Rolls With Braces?

Egg rolls aren’t a great choice for eating while you have braces. Egg rolls can be quite tough to break, so it’s best not to bite into them with your front teeth because you could bend a wire or loosen a bracket. You still can eat them with a bit of caution.

If you’re going to do it anyway, use a knife and fork to cut egg rolls into smaller bite-sized chunks you can pop into the back of your mouth to be safe. We’d say it’s probably best to stick to a softer spring roll that isn’t deep-fried instead.