Can You Sleep With Wax On Your Braces? Is Leaving Dental Wax On Overnight Safe

Dental wax can be a lifesaver when your braces just won’t play nice with your gums. With just a tiny amount you can get on with your day. But what about leaving dental wax on at night?

Can You Sleep With Wax On Your Braces?

You can sleep with wax on your braces overnight no problem. It’s safe to do and doesn’t present any real risk. Braces wax normally comes off if you eat, drink, if you are talking, or move your tongue around a lot.

When left alone, braces wax can stay on for hours without falling off. It might shed a couple of bits but the wax isn’t bad for your mouth or teeth. So you can sleep with braces wax without worrying too much about causing any issues with your braces.

Braces wax is made out of non-toxic materials, so you can eat braces wax safely if you accidentally swallow it. That’s not a recommendation to munch down when you’re feeling a bit peckish. Just saying it’s not a major issue. Wearing braces wax to bed doesn’t cause any extra issues either.

Braces wax is very helpful when your gums are rubbing against the braces and haven’t toughened up. Even a day or two with the wax in can be enough for your gums to heal enough that you don’t need it anymore.

Can You Choke On Dental Wax?

With the tiny amount of dental wax we use, it’s very unlikely you will choke on it. Normally when the pea-sized amounts come off, they have already broken up even smaller. When you apply the wax at night before bed, do it after brushing and make sure it’s secure.

Having used a lot of braces wax myself, I’ve never had any problems choking on it. I’ve also swallowed plenty of braces wax without it causing a single issue – apart from needing to apply more. I’ve worn wax on my braces while sleeping tens of times and it’s nearly always all there the next morning.

How Long Does Dental Wax Last?

The type of dental wax we use on braces can last a couple of days if taken care of. Just make sure you remove the wax before eating or drinking. Also, leave the wax on a piece of tissue or wash it a little before putting it back in your mouth.

When Should I Change My Braces Wax?

You should change your braces wax if it has any bits of food in it, it’s touched something unsanitary like the floor, or if it’s been in your mouth a long time. Ideally, you should change your braces wax daily.

How To Remove Braces Wax

Removing braces wax is easy once you know the trick: –

  1. Take off the biggest chunk you can with your fingers
  2. Ball up that chunk and use it to press into any remaining dental wax
  3. Use a mirror to help you get all the bits
  4. Then use an interdental brush to push or pick out any stray bits
  5. Rinse with water and spit out any bits
  6. If you can, brush your teeth
  7. If you’re removing the wax to eat, brush 30 minutes after eating instead.

Can You Reuse The Same Piece Of Dental Wax?

Yes, it’s OK to reuse the same piece of dental wax if you’ve kept it clean and not left it out too long. If it’s got any bits of food in it, throw it away. If you’re taking it out to eat just put it on some paper or in your braces kit case to keep it clean. Wash it under a running tap if you need.