Check Out Blue Ivy Carter’s Braces! Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Daughter

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s oldest daughter is a fashion icon in her own right after appearing in Ivy Park photoshoots, music videos, and winning awards. Now at just 10, she’s got classic train tracks, and Blue Ivy Carter’s braces are looking good!

Blue Ivy Carter is just 10 years old but she has a long list of achievements and awards. She was featured in Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl” and won BET Her award and Best Music Video Grammy! She was also in one of her Dad Jay-Z’s songs “Glory”, though she was just a baby her gurgles did get a full feature.

Blue Ivy Carter BracesWith Beyonce and Jay Z
Blue Ivy Carter showing off her braces with her mom Beyoncé and dad Jay-Z

As the daughter of two of modern music’s biggest names, Blue has access to pretty much anything a kid can dream of. But that doesn’t mean she won’t go through some of the same growing pains we all experience.

Blue Ivy Carter Braces Beyonce Daughter Braces
Blue Ivy Carter’s Braces with the traditional elastics – plus her Grammy!

When Did Blue Ivy Carter Get Braces?

As Blue Ivy’s adult teeth started to come in, it was clear the teeth were crowded. Luckily, she doesn’t need to worry about getting on the right dental plan with her family. Blue Ivy Carter got traditional braces with rubber elastics when she was 9.

Beyoncé had braces when she was younger too. There was a great photoshop of Beyoncé wearing adult braces, though that was a fake. She only had them as a kid and the adult photo was from a satirical article

Blue Ivy Carter Braces - Before Braces
Blue Ivy Carter’s teeth before braces

Why Did Blue Ivy Carter Get Traditional Braces?

Despite “traditional” to some meaning worse, today’s braces are better than ever. Though it’s possible to get self-ligating braces that tend to be a little smaller and faster, and don’t have elastics, traditional braces still do the job really well.

Having traditional braces with elastics means you get to choose fun colors as well. “Invisible” braces like Invisalign or other aligner systems don’t work as well in developing sets of teeth or in certain movements, so probably weren’t a good option for Blue Ivy.

It doesn’t look like she has a full set on the top and bottom, and only the top four front teeth have braces on. She wears a pink set of elastics. It’s likely she’s got this to bring the front two teeth back and the lateral incisors forward to bring them into line.

It could be that she has braces for a while to bring her bite into proper alignment and might get more brackets attached as the front four come into their proper places. It might also be the case that she’ll just get the front four straightened out to remove the buck tooth look, then get a full set of braces later as her jaw develops.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Children’s Braces

As Blue Ivy has had braces, it’s likely their two younger children will need braces as they’ll probably have a similar pattern of tooth and jaw development. We don’t know if Jay-Z had braces but Beyoncé did, so there’s a family history and it’s very common for every generation to need them.

Their other two younger kids are Sir and Rumi, who are twins. They’re too young right now to get braces but may well do as they get older.