Did Beyonce Have Braces? – The Truth + Proof!

As one of the most talented and beautiful people on the planet, recent images of an adult Beyoncé wearing braces shocked many. After having a perfect smile for years, why did Beyoncé have braces?

Did Beyoncé Have Braces?

Well, the answer is simple. She didn’t have braces as an adult, it was a Photoshopped image used by a satirical news site that got shared on the internet as fact! Beyoncé didn’t have braces as an adult and actually has had nearly perfect teeth for years.

The satirical article said that she was “sending a message to millions of her teenage fans that ‘faces with braces’ can still have ‘grins that wins’“, with the fake quote: “While I have achieved levels of perfection not seen in earthly form since the time of the Pharaohs, that is not every child’s destiny…

It doesn’t take long to realize that in the altered photo her teeth are already completely perfectly in line. It’s also a great example of people reading a headline and seeing an image and taking it as complete fact. Remember not everything you see in a picture online is real.

Did Beyonce Have Braces - Original
The fake and the original compared

This hasn’t stopped actual news sites, dentists, and just plain old meme reposters from spreading this totally bogus photo. The meme is still spread and it’s actually a really good work of photoshop.

The article shows her in some stunning yellow and black elastics to match her earrings. The original photo is still available though and proves the braces are just a well-made fake. That didn’t stop a few more fake photos of Beyoncé with braces (and even headgear!) from being made.

Did Beyonce Have Braces - Beyonce With Braces FAKE
Fake photoshopped photos of Beyoncé with braces and some pretty intense headgear!

Even back in the Destinys Child days, Beyoncé’s teeth were perfectly aligned and dazzling white. Before then, she was in a group from age of 10 called Girls Tyme that included members of Destiny’s Child – take a look!

Did Beyoncé Have Braces As A Kid?

However, Beyoncé did have braces when she was a child! You can see the results now, though there aren’t any photos of her at that age. In Girls Tyme she had great teeth but with slight misalignment and gaps. As a young teen, she had the braces done – though no photos remain!

Beyoncé of course isn’t the only celebrity to have had braces. Recently Gaten Matarazzo aka Dustin from Stranger Things had braces put in to help with his teeth.

Beyoncé Loves Grillz

While as an adult Beyoncé has never worn braces, she is a massive fan of grillz. These are purely decorative accessories worn over the teeth. You can have them made permanent but most have removable grillz that just fit snugly and can be taken out to eat or brush.

Did Beyonce Have Braces - Beyonce With Grillz
Some cool vampire grillz Beyoncé wore for a while

Beyoncé has had a few, first with a set of “vampire” grills that capped the top of her bottom row of teeth with some pointy fangs. She’s also worn a gold bar along the bottom row to match her jewelry for a video shoot. Later Beyoncé released her own brand – Ivy Park – and promoted it with a shot of her own Ivy Park logo grillz. A tiny gold Adidas logo grill was also released as part of the collaboration.

Did Beyonce Have Braces - Beyonce With More Grillz
Beyoncé loves grillz so much that she even released her own Ivy Park set!

Beyoncés Daughter Blue Ivy Carter Has Braces!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have three kids, and the oldest Blue Ivy Carter has had braces for the past year. Blue has traditional braces with colors and has sported them in music videos and debuted them in an Ivy Park photoshoot, as well as having them shown off by her famous mum.

Did Beyonce Have Braces - Blue Ivy Carter Braces
Blue Ivy Carter’s braces in a music video

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