Does Matt Fitzpatrick Have Braces? See The US Open Winner’s Adult Braces!

Matt Fitzpatrick’s braces wowed many when he first revealed them in the March of 2022. After winning the US Open, he’s now on track to become the most well-known face of the Gold world.

Does Matt Fitzpatrick Have Braces?

Matt Fitzpatrick has ceramic or “invisible” braces. Essentially these braces are made from a very white ceramic material. They look close enough to the natural shade of teeth that they’re much less noticeable than regular metal braces.

He got his braces at the age of 27 – proving you can get braces as an adult and pull them off well.

They also have the advantage of not needing the colored elastics to hold the wire to the brackets. Ceramic braces and similar are often self-ligating. That means the bracket opens and closes over the wire and doesn’t need anything else to hold the wire in – hence no elastics.

Matt Fitzpatrick Braces Matt Fitzgerald Adult Braces
Matt Fitzpatrick’s adult braces – Ceramics blend in pretty well, even up close

You still need the wire which is visible in photos of Matt’s teeth. If he needs any elastics for alignment, those will also be visible when he opens his mouth wide. However, overall Matt Fitzpatricks’s braces look really sleek!

See Matt Fitzpatrick’s adult braces on display talking about his US Open win

How Long Will Matt Fitzpatrick Need Braces?

Braces treatment tends to last one to two years depending on the movement needed. Based on what his teeth looked like before, we would make an educated guess it’s only going to be a fairly short treatment time of around a year. His lower teeth have more misalignment than the top, but the lower teeth also move faster than the top set.

Matt Fitzpatrick Braces - Matt Fitzgerald Teeth Before Braces
A younger Matt Fitzpatrick’s teeth before braces – Not too bad but room for improvement

Speaking to Sportsmail about his new braces he said “‘I thought it was about time if I was ever going to do it, and I’ve just got used to them“. Sports outlets tend to talk a lot about Matt’s look, especially given his height.

Golfers tend to be six feet or taller as it seems to give a biomechanical advantage because of the swing. Matt is 5’9″ and coming from Sheffield in the UK, is definitely shorter than some of the other players on the tour. So braces are a bold move given he knows his looks are discussed.

After his win in the US Open, he is now ranked 10th in the world and is going to be a lot more prominent in Golfing media. Even though his braces are front-and-center of his image, they seem to be really well received as they blend into his teeth so well.

He’s the only professional golfer with braces we know of but give it a year or so and Matt Fitzpatrick’s teeth are going to be perfect! We’ll update you once his treatment has finished showing the progression. In the meantime check out other celebrities with braces like Gaten Matarazzo and Beyoncé.